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A Mother, Wife, Entreprenier and lover of life!

I am an enthusiastic, intuitive, self motivated individual who demonstrates exceptional communication and interpersonal skills to effectively build relationships.

1996- 1998

Day Spa Manager and Hair Stylist in the Cayman Islands, introduced Aveda to the salon and created a commercial for TV and Radio to promote the salon.


Worked for Aveda as a Hair Care Specialist/Educator/Account Executive in Vancouver.  Motivating Hairstylists and their assistants to sell Aveda's pure flower and plant products, teach new custom blending techniques and how to do client consultations etc.


Now to the present 2015 I came up with the idea of Livinoils®️ to share my passion of making my own products.  Living in Australia products are a lot more expensive, when I go to my home land Canada I am amazed at how inexpensive everything is in comparison to here in Australia! 


My Aveda training kicked in (yippee, even after 20 years) And I began to Custom Blend my own and the more I blended the happier I became, boasting about how I made my own Laundry Detergent, face wash, body wash, floor cleaner, counter cleaner, eye shadows, lip balms, eye makeup remover, hair care, purearoma, salves, body butters, candles, custom essential oil blends for my reeds and diffusers.


Another common challenge is the products used in many of the products was not to my liking.  I make mine as pure and natural as possible.  There are many little tricks to how to do all this and my plan is to make it easy for you...

Beverly Masters xo

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